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Our insulated cooler bags are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to ensure your ingredients will stay fresh for several hours even if you’re not at home to accept the delivery.

Keeping your food fresh and safe is our priority. As a result, we do use some plastic packaging for the portioned ingredients. We ask that you rinse and throw the plastic back in your cooler—we will pick it up on your next delivery, and we'll dispose of it in the most environmentally responsible method. We are proud to be working with Urban Impact, BC's leading recycling program for soft plastics.

We deliver between Sunday - Thursday, with time slots varying based on your location. Our delivery options are growing over time, and current options for your location can be found by signing up for an account, or on your Account page.

Nope! Our delivery drivers do not expect any form of tip or gratuity. 

Yes, you can change or cancel orders up to Thursday at 11:59PM before your next delivery. For example, if you have a delivery scheduled for Monday, you have until the Thursday prior to modify your delivery. Visit My Deliveries in your Account to manage your delivery schedule.

We currently deliver throughout Greater Vancouver and Victoria. See if we deliver to you. If you are outside of our delivery zone, we do deliver to workplaces--so you can toss our recipe box in your work fridge and take it home with you at the end of the day.

About Fresh Prep

We strive to make Fresh Prep an affordable option for daily dinners, and our cost is less than what you’d typically pay for take out or even some grocery stores - especially when you factor in all the time you’d save and avoided wastage.

Our pricing is based on how many meals and servings you order weekly, and ranges from $9-$11 per serving. Delivery and tax is included.

In cost comparisons we’ve done, shopping at grocery stores can be significantly more expensive simply because we send you everything in the exact portion you need it in - no more paying for a bottle of garam masala when you only need a teaspoon or tossing out a bunch of cilantro after only using a few sprigs. And, equally importantly, you don’t contribute to the massive food waste problem in our society.

On top of this we save you a whole lot of valuable time by taking care of the recipe research, sourcing the ingredients and a whole lot of prep (not to mention the cleanup prep takes after!)

It’s really simple - you just create an account and tell us your taste and delivery preferences when you sign up. Then every week, we deliver you prepped and portioned ingredients for however many meals you’d like along with easy to follow recipe cards for you to cook incredible meals in under 30 minutes. You can switch your preferences and meals, skip weeks or cancel anytime.

With Fresh Prep you know exactly what’s going into your meal and that we strive to source the highest quality ingredients (local and organic where possible.) We work with nutritionists to ensure all the meals we offer are wholesome and well balanced - typically ranging from 500-800 calories per serving.

You also don’t need to worry about scheduling takeout or choosing what to eat, something delicious will be waiting for you right when you arrive home. After less than 30 minutes of cooking using our simple recipe cards, you’ll have a tasty and fresh meal - no more sitting down to cold or soggy food!

Every delivery is sent out in insulated cooler bags with fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes separately packed for each recipe you’ve ordered. Most of our ingredients, from chopped veggies to pre-measured spices and seasoning, have been prepped for you, allowing you to save time without sacrificing flavour. All of our packaging is made from recyclable, reusable and/or compostable materials.

Subscription Plans

Nope, we're very flexible with all our subscription plans - skip or cancel any time.

Yes, you can do this easily through your account settings page. If you want to stick with the same plan and just have one less meal for whatever reason on a given week, then you can just drop one and we’ll bill the appropriate plan.

You can easily skip deliveries by logging into your account and going to the ‘My Deliveries’ page. Alongside of the date of your delivery just click the ‘Skip this Week’ button and your delivery for that week will be cancelled (as long as you do it by the weekly cutoff time)

Email us at before your weekly cutoff time to cancel your account. You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after.

After the original purchase of your subscription plan, your card will be billed Friday morning after the weekly cutoff time has passed. Any changes made to the plan prior to the cutoff will be reflected on the billed amount, and if you have skipped a delivery, your card will not be billed.

The weekly cutoff time to change or cancel orders is Thursday at 11:59PM before your next delivery. For example, if you have a delivery scheduled for Monday, you have until the Thursday prior to modify your delivery. 

Recipes and Ingredients

Yes! We select meals based on the taste preferences you provide during sign-up, and if you want to change anything you can do so easily through your account page.

Everything is shipped to arrive fresher than you might see at the supermarket. We guarantee you’ll be able to use the ingredients for at least 4 days after you receive them. If you receive seafood with your delivery we always suggest cooking that first for optimum taste!

The quality and freshness of our ingredients are incredibly important to us, so we work directly with local purveyors and farms in Vancouver that support sustainable practices.

We work with nutritionists to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences - e.g. vegetarians, gluten-free, or if you don’t eat certain meats - and personalize your menu each week based on your preferences.

Food Allergy Notice: Our meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, mustard, sesame and sulphites. Though best practices are used when preparing the meal, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.

Yes, for most ingredients we prep them to whatever style is required for the recipe  (diced, shredded, minced etc.) 

Everything is portioned in the exact amount required for the recipe, including the spice mixes and sauces we make in-house.


To preserve the quality of a few ingredients which don't keep well after being prepped we send them whole (ie. tomatoes, avocados) but ensure any required prep still keeps the recipe time under 30 minutes :)

Usually all you’ll ever need to have at home is salt, pepper, and a high temperature cooking oil (we vote for grapeseed.) Occasionally, some recipes might require milk or butter. We got you covered on everything else!

For cooking equipment, a range of pots and pans are great. Spatulas, mixing and slotted spoons too. A baking sheet, mixing bowls.

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