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Five Spice Shiitake Glazed Steelhead

with Sticky Rice and Shanghai Bok Choy

30 min

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Meals like this make it easy to get those servings of fish in every week! A delicious, glossy sauce flavoured with Chinese five-spice powder, fish sauce, sambal oeleck, and soy sauce coats pan-seared fillets of steelhead. Served with bok choy over sticky rice to soak up that tasty glaze.

What We'll Send

Red Bell Pepper
Chinese 5 Spice
Granulated Garlic
Sambal Oelek
Fish Sauce
Rice Vinegar
GF Soy Sauce
Coconut Sugar
Black Sesame Seeds
Shiitake Mushrooms
Baby Shanghai Bok Choy
Sticky Rice
Food Allergy Notice: Our meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, mustard, sesame and sulphites. Though best practices are used when preparing the meal, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.

Calories 633
Fat 20g
Protein 22g
Carbohydrates 90g

What You'll Need

Cooking Directions


TIP: If you're not a fan of spicy food, add the sambal oeleck slowly and taste as you go.


Prepare Sticky Rice:

Rinse sticky rice well under cold running water. Bring 1 1/2 cups (3 cups for 4 servings) of salted water to a boil. Add rice and reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 15-20 minutes or until water has been absorbed and grains are tender. Turn off heat and vent lid slightly.


Prepare Ingredients:

Trim and separate bok choy leaves and wash well. Wash and pull stem from shiitake mushrooms and then cut into 1/4" dice. Wash and dice red bell pepper into 1/2 inch pieces. Mix cornstarch with 1/4 cup (1/2 cup for 4 servings) cold water in a small bowl. In a second small bowl, mix coconut sugar, rice vinegar, sambal oeleck to taste, soy sauce, fish sauce, five spice and garlic powder together. Dry steelhead on paper towel and season with salt and pepper.


Begin Main Dish: Heat 1 tbsp. (2 tbsp. for 4 servings) oil in a skillet over high heat. Sear the steelhead for 1 minute on each side and then remove from pan and set aside. Next add bok choy to the skillet and saute for 2-3 minutes or until tender and bright green. Remove from pan and set aside.


Finish Dish:

In the same skillet add 1 tbsp. (2 tbsp. for 4 servings) oil and reduce heat to medium. Saute shiitake mushrooms and red bell peppers for 2-3 minutes or until tender. Add 1 cup (2 cups for 4 servings) water, sauce ingredients, and cornstarch mixture. Bring to a simmer and reduce heat to medium-low. Let the sauce reduce and thicken for about 2 minutes, then place fish back into the skillet. Simmer for 2 minutes, then add bok choy to reheat.



Dish the sticky rice into large bowls. Sprinkle black sesame seeds over rice. Serve bok choy and steelhead on top. Enjoy!

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