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Fresh Prep was started in the Winter of 2014 by childhood friends Becky Brauer, Dhruv Sood and Husein Rahemtulla who were all in search of an easier answer to the question “what’s for dinner?” For busy people they found there were too many obstacles to cooking a wholesome meal at home and that made it all too appealing to just grab fast food instead. They figured there had to be a better option and that’s why they started Fresh Prep.

With Fresh Prep you just click and cook. It’s gone from dream to reality.



We believe that the quality of your life starts with the food you eat. By eating the right food, your mind and body can flourish and function at the best of its ability. The problem is: you’re too busy, and you don’t have time to eat well, often resorting to take-out or fast food. It takes too much time to plan, shop, cut and clean up. That’s why at Fresh Prep, we find the absolute easiest way for you to access the highest quality food, everyday. We are committed to making your life in the kitchen, and outside the kitchen, as easy and as stress-free as possible.


Where your food comes from, the quality of the ingredients and how it impacts the environment are just as important to us as how it tastes. Our meat is free from unnecessary antibiotics and hormones, our eggs are free-range and our seafood is sustainably sourced.

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Get cooking

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